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Upskilling with RTO Education

Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) offer a flexible pathway towards lifelong learning and job-ready qualifications. Whether students are pursuing a personal interest or seeking a course to fulfil their career aspirations, Minerva Holdings intends to provide a thriving portfolio of training organisations that meet these needs. In our latest blog, we explore the types of organisations that often require RTO education and what prospective students can expect to achieve. Hairdressing and Barbering Aspiring hairdressers and barbers often face a diverse range of advertised courses when beginning [...]

Choosing Your College: What to Look for in a Training Organisation

Choosing the course that launches your career is an important decision. Minerva Holdings is committed to delivering a student-centric service that encourages lifelong learning and ambition. The RTOs under our stewardship hold the same values, prioritising student experience and service delivery above all else. Our latest blog will explore the top points you should consider and avoid when selecting your training organisation.   Consider training organisations that: Acknowledge and accommodate unique styles of learning. Some students may prefer studying remotely, while others thrive on face-to-face [...]

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