At Minerva Holdings, we invest in RTOs, ensuring they reach their full potential.

We’re building a portfolio of registered training organisations. We believe empowering students with accessible lifelong learning is vitally important.

With over 20 years of experience in the education space, the Minerva Holdings team is confident in a successful transition for all owners, staff and students.

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It’s a win-win-win arrangement

Minerva Holdings is proud to work closely with reputable Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes for our organisation and their students.


Following a transfer of ownership, Minerva Holdings collaborate with organisations to unearth their potential to underscore their value.

Our approach is transparent. We discuss all changes openly and consider the impact of acquisition on the RTO’s existing students and employees.


We empower students to take control of their education and training, employing qualified staff to facilitate this important investment.

Our specialist RTO team will take care of business functions, looking after day-to-day office administration and compliance.

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Minerva Holdings work collaboratively to exceed expectations at every RTO in our portfolio. We’ll ensure your RTO reaches its potential too.

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