Building a portfolio of registered training organisations and empowering students with accessible lifelong learning.

Our Approach



All discussions are treated with respect and held in confidence. We are comfortable working with legally binding non-disclosure agreements so we can negotiate in good faith. Minerva Holdings’ aim is to ensure all parties reach a mutually beneficial agreement.



We believe in the importance of growing a community where students and staff feel supported to develop their skills. Minerva Holdings promote a conscientious work ethic, tailoring our training to match each individual’s learning style.


From our initial meeting to the drafting of a Purchase Agreement, Minerva Holdings’ acquisition process is transparent, tried and true. More than a simple business transaction, we discuss our intentions in detail when communicating with an RTO organisation in transition. You won’t find a more dedicated and courteous team.

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Minerva Holdings work collaboratively to exceed expectations at every RTO in our portfolio.

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