Choosing the course that launches your career is an important decision. Minerva Holdings is committed to delivering a student-centric service that encourages lifelong learning and ambition. The RTOs under our stewardship hold the same values, prioritising student experience and service delivery above all else. Our latest blog will explore the top points you should consider and avoid when selecting your training organisation.  

Consider training organisations that:

Acknowledge and accommodate unique styles of learning.

Some students may prefer studying remotely, while others thrive on face-to-face interaction. Educators and trainers should be empowered to provide both modes of learning, allowing students to reach their potential on their own terms.

Remain flexible.

Life happens, and your course should not overwhelm you or cause unnecessary stress. RTOs should offer flexible schedules that fit into your weekly routine, especially if you are juggling additional commitments.

Offer support.

RTOs that prioritise student welfare will offer one-on-one support that is easily accessed. Your training provider should have the resources to help you succeed.

Are passionate about their people.

You want to be surrounded like passionate educators who are more than willing to share their industry insights and experience. A reputable RTO will hire teachers who are experienced and seek to inspire.

Stay transparent about their intended outcomes.

A legitimate organisation will outline the skills and knowledge they intend to provide. Ensure they align with your career objectives, allowing you to conclude the course with job-ready skills. It’s also worth checking if your qualifications are also nationally accredited, so you are well-equipped for any career pathway you choose.


Avoid training organisations that:

Don’t hold students accountable.

The RTO should hold a vision for seeing their students succeed. A carpentry course with no attendance requirements, for instance, but marks you competent should heed warning signs.

Don’t have an industry commitment.

Your training provider should ideally specialise in the industry you are planning to work in. You want the most honest window into the ‘day-to-day reality’ of working in your chosen category, which can only be achieved when learning from industry professionals. You’ll benefit from hard-won insights and build meaningful connections to advance your career.

Emphasise being exclusively low-cost.

Often, the saying ‘you get what you pay for’ rings true. While you should look for an RTO that complements your financial situation, you should also be wary of courses that present themselves as low-cost. Does it negatively impact the quality of resources, or the qualifications and experience offered by the trainers?

Don’t cater for specific needs.

Does the RTO offer disability services? Or rural or remote support for students that need it? Their website or information package should clearly outline the support offered to students and how easily accessible it is.

Don’t prioritise you and the outcomes you want to achieve.

You want to leave job-ready, stepping into the next phase of your life with confidence. The RTO should ideally have a positive track record in delivering these outcomes, to the highest quality.


Minerva Holdings collaborates with like-minded RTOs to provide a vibrant community that prioritises lifelong learning and support. Interested in learning more about the courses we offer? Reach out today.