Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) offer a flexible pathway towards lifelong learning and job-ready qualifications. Whether students are pursuing a personal interest or seeking a course to fulfil their career aspirations, Minerva Holdings intends to provide a thriving portfolio of training organisations that meet these needs. In our latest blog, we explore the types of organisations that often require RTO education and what prospective students can expect to achieve.

Hairdressing and Barbering

Aspiring hairdressers and barbers often face a diverse range of advertised courses when beginning their career. However, it’s always important to consult the provided training modules to ensure you’re receiving the necessary foundation to build your skills. Students should become competent in areas such as shampoo and basin services, design hair structuring, identification and treatment of hair and scalp conditions, maintenance of tools and equipment, environmentally sustainable work practices, completing salon transactions, as well as developing and building a client base.


Albeit a broad industry, beauty services are highly sought after and so is their training. These services can include: make-up design, body piercing, hair removal (including waxing as well as laser technology), eyelash extension and brow application, and cosmetic tanning. Our courses would also prioritise training in safe and hygienic work practices, business skills to handle salon transactions, and ongoing standards training to ensure compliancy with changing regulations.


Depending on which area they’d like to focus on, students working in the hospitality sector would be educated on meal preparation, clean kitchen premises and equipment, safe food handling practices while remaining environmentally sustainable. We also focus on responsible and safe service of alcohol and gambling.


Students interested in pursuing a career in business can gain skills in education, administration, record keeping, team management and supply chain operations to name a few. This can delve into important modules promoting inclusivity and diversity, as well as training in industry compliance and policies. As with all courses, we ensure our educators are experienced and passionate about their area of expertise.

Minerva Holdings seek committed and value-building RTOs who will thrive under our stewardship. We offer a challenging yet rewarding environment for both students and educators to grow their skills and potential. Interesting in joining our growing portfolio? Start a conversation today.