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How Can RTO Owners Add Value to Their Business?

An RTO owner recently asked us if hiring a new General Manager for their business would increase our interest. We assured her that any value-add to her business would be viewed favourably by Minerva Holdings, and consequently we intend on staying in touch. In this latest blog, we explore the ways owners can improve the performance and profitability of their business. Establish an online presence An informative website that details your service offering is essential for attracting new customers or clients. This is your first [...]

When Should You Start Thinking About Business Succession?

Minerva Holdings adopts a tried, transparent and true approach when facilitating a transfer of business ownership. We ensure RTO owners are satisfied with the transfer, and their business remains in capable hands. To achieve this successful outcome, an RTO owner may have a succession plan in place that acknowledges their staff and students. So when should you start considering succession strategy? We discuss the benefits of succession planning for RTO owners in this latest Minerva Holdings blog. Your business represents an important milestone. Your business [...]

Selling your RTO: What does Minerva Holdings look for?

Minerva Holdings is focused on building a portfolio of Registered Training Organisations that empower students to take on lifelong learning. Naturally, we seek like-minded businesses who also share our values in education and growth. In this Minerva Holdings blog, we explore what we look for when facilitating a transfer of business ownership, and the reasons why RTO owners may choose to sell. You’re planning your business succession.You’re considering retirement and want to ensure your business remains in good hands when you leave. [...]

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