Minerva Holdings is focused on building a portfolio of Registered Training Organisations that empower students to take on lifelong learning. Naturally, we seek like-minded businesses who also share our values in education and growth. In this Minerva Holdings blog, we explore what we look for when facilitating a transfer of business ownership, and the reasons why RTO owners may choose to sell.

You’re planning your business succession.

You’re considering retirement and want to ensure your business remains in good hands when you leave. Whether it’s due to age, health reasons, or you’re simply opting for a tree change, retirement involves a lot of important decisions that impact other people. We want you to feel confident that your life’s work continues to make a difference even if you’re no longer in charge. 

You want to focus on being an educator.

Minerva Holdings offers an alternative solution, allowing you to unlock more value without compromising on passion. Many RTO owners enjoy being educators and trainers, but aren’t interested in the paperwork or compliance associated with this vocation. Too often, they’re overwhelmed and waste time keeping up with weighty administrative burden. By engaging Minerva Holdings, they’ll be able reach their potential by investing in upskilling and service delivery.

You have new priorities.

Having spoken to many RTO owners over the years, it’s extremely common for people to outgrow their business. Your interests or career goals may have simply changed. We openly discuss these aspirations when negotiating a business transfer, and ensure all parties walk away satisfied. We truly believe in a win-win-win arrangement that allows sellers to move onto the next stage of their life with confidence.

Minerva Holdings fills the gap for many of these business owners. We take care of the administration and compliance, so they can continue fulfilling their goals without wasting time on work that is difficult to manage. Alternatively, we’re a fit-for-purpose solution for people who wish to move onto a new endeavour. We ensure their vision is upheld and allow their students to continue learning. 

Thinking about selling your RTO? Reach out to the Minerva Holdings team and we can discuss your next steps.